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Stackable (module) quantum light build

So i started my next light build. I built this light to try and shave down my watts from my bulky T5 vegg light in my nursery and i have done it! I was running 4x led 4’ @ 44 watts ea. So 176 watts now this light is far more efficient and uses 27.3 watts per stackable module so now im using only 54.6 watts!
This light is 38.9"L x 4" w the and double the lux. I will do more measurements when i complete it. I broke my tap and need a new one. Here is the build so far.

  1. for custom heatsinks. 1) 1"H x 4.80"W x 46"L $78 $25 was shipping and handling.
  2. Digikey for modules or $18.37 each.
  3. Digikey for the driver #hlg-320H-36A $81-83 tarrifs from china.
  4. Old cord from a shop light. Free.

    Broke my tap so i had to stop working tonight. I will finish it tomorrow when my new tap arrives. And i will show the finished product.

Good work. Can’t wait to see the product in action. Building lights pretty easy. Making a effective light. Very elusive. As the market shows.


This is my version of a T5 light fixture. It’s a veg only light. For my nursery tent. This should reduce the electricity a lot.


Ok got the light finished! Now im wish i put 4 boards onto it. But im going to make another for my lower shelf to save power ther also. And this thing makes very little to no heat.
To make it easier to connect and disconnect. I made the connections to the light and driver cords modular so i can disconnect any part of the light or the cord from the driver can separate now in 1 second.

First things first. Were going to harvest this old shop light and repurpose it to my light.

I added 10’ cords to both ends from the driver and the light.