Stepping on toes journey

Sorry for stepping on other guys toes for issues with girls. Same problems I think. We’re trying to grow for my mother in law Alzheimer cbd to be exact. It does wonders for her better then the pills they give Drs. Seeds are hard to come by tried freedman never made it past custom the toys did minus we buy trees for seeds. Any help there would be great my mom use to grow in 60s70s 80s she had a green thumb back then it was brown green was dirt weed.anyway she started using mg we would put in raised beds let out rain snow and plant the following year chicken fertilizer a month before planting every grew. Everything thrived .I know things have changed since then habits are hard to change I still do mg chicken shit only thing different is screen 2 inches above ground for drainage .out of the 30 seeds germinated 3 were female we keep the males and grow them animals love them . And low grade cbd oil

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Is there something u need help with?

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No I apologize to person I butted in on his issues same as mine some of comments there or didn’t see then someone got on soap box about miracle grow and how you can’t flushed smoked a joint and started typing on how my mom did it she started using mg in 78 1st grow sucked she figured it out and we put in beds and rain and snow did it’s job a year later black gold add chicken fertilizer and they grow nice I still use this process. A problem I am having is getting seeds I tried seedman . 1st time got busted they resent got caught again that was the first and last time I tried wanted imputed on that. Cbd is expensive started doing myself male are animal food

If you are growing for someone with Alzheimers, you should check this out. I have Lewy Body Dementia, a kind of bastard-cousin to AD and I have found a very precise CBD mixture that makes all the difference in the world WRT the symptoms of dementia…if I had unlimited funds I would buy one of these for every patient with dementia in the world…