Still preflower?

I’m almost certain I know its still in preflower but I wanted to be sure I’ve never grown the plant still in preflower or has it started the last long do I need to have my plant anchored down for during LST?

Looks to have started to flower already? Have you switch the light cycle? Is it an auto? Imo I would keep the LST going so I could maximize light to bud sites

The plant is a Blue cheese auto,it wont be 6 weeks old till the light schedule is 18/6.its been only been in preflower for about 1 week

It’s an auto it’s going to flower no matter what you do… and continue with the LST until harvest…you can save energy by going to 12/12 hell 10/14 if you want…

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Does the 2hrs really make a big difference? Wouldnt mind saving on the bills

Not with an auto… you could go 24/0 the plants won’t care very much… so why not lessen you hydro for the auto… just don’t do go to low if you have photos with it…