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Strains for ALS- Help

We have a patient suffering from ALS, unfortunately. There used to be a strain specifically geared for ALS, but the grower was raided, and as far as I know, the strain lost to time. Does anybody out there know of a strain that might be making breakthroughs for people like this? I’ve heard Blue Dream and Green Crack alleviate some symptoms. These can be very cerebral strains, and may be too heavy for some people, so I’m looking for something less on the sativa side.


Is this the strain you’re talking about, Myakka Gold?

I couldn’t find much out there that specified which strains were particularly good for ALS, but there were a couple sites. This one seems to back up your mention of Blue Dream:
and this page mentions a few strains for different types of symptoms of ALS:

Unfortunately most of the research literature doesn’t mention which strains were used in their tests.


If you’re looking to smoke or vape and indica dominant sativa hybrid should be great. In my personal opinion I would try a CBD oil that has been decarboxylated and extracted with co2. This is not a plug at all, but I have found Miss Envy CBD oil to be a excellent product. If anyone else knows another good supplier of oils in the quality of Miss Envy please comment. :v:


Hi there,
We have a new tea line developed by a neurosurgeon to help standardization of dosing. I asked her & this is her comments:
She states everyone responds differently based on the THC:CBD ratio & wheterh indica or sativa. she recommends her zzz tea at nigh, the bliss tea for daytime and try her relief tea if he is sensitive to THC. , if you contact me I can set you up with samples no charge. I can totally see this, the patient has to be treated as an individual vs. treating the disease.


Mayakka Gold sounds familar, and that may have been the one.Thank you
everyone for the input.