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Sulfur for pm

Has anyone burned sulfur to rid their grow of pm? Every place I searched says it’s ok but that’s really it. I’m looking to see if anyone has had actual results doing this.


Hi @mainelyseeds207

I used dusting sulphur for pm on my plants. I did not burn it. It was a yellow powdery substance and you would use a paint brush to apply it to the affected areas.


Dusting sulfur is the preferable way to go! Burning sulfur can be done, but is much more dangerous to your plants…Burning sulfur produces sulfur dioxide. Sulfur dioxide will tend to combine with available humidity to produce a acid that WILL KILL your plants…FWIW. If you do use dusting sulfur it will be imperative to wash your bud after harvest or your bud will taste like sh#t !!


Sulfur burn has done wonders and has managed a pm issue had for a little while it’s also said to be good for plant development as the plants ask for sulfur is what we’ve read.


I remember buying dusting sulfur in a small 30gram bank bag, no warning labels, just a printed label with “How to apply”. Read up on it a little, @rflasch is right, it can be toxic to plants and humans in the wrong environment or when it mixes with water. Please take precaution.

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mainely, you are correct…it can be pulled off but it is dicey. Have personal experience with a grower in Calaveras county who had a problem with PM. He burned sulfur overnight and when I saw it a few days later at least 3/4 of the light dep glasshouse (50 X 100) was dead or dying…It was close to harvest and so he just called in a extractor and he salvaged some value…uuuugh

Yes you are also correct that sulfur is a very important nutrient…the problem here is if it was applied to soil, all would be well but sulfer dioxide on FOLIAGE CANNOT be metabolized… it must be converted to the sulfate form to be metabolized by plants !! FWIW

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We’ve ran it twice so far one on 2hr burn and another on 4 hrs we did lower cleanup as it was 21 days from flip. There hasn’t been any leaf burn or plant death as well as no new pm

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PM in veg can be handle , in flowering good luck , there is none legal to use fungicide on cannabis that can help , all of them are temporary solution on 2-3 days( bicarbonates, natural oils nd etc ) . Systemic fungicide can help but are illegal to use on cannabis .