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Symbiotic Relationship with microbes

Hey Hygrozyme,
I have heard that Hygrozyme encourages the symbiotic relations with microbes I have used your product for years, and am certain this is true however I have been wondering how this works. More importantly as the most expensive portion of regiment I would like to know that I’m not harming them, as I know other flushing agents do in fact kill the microbes. thanks again.

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Hygrozyme, or any enzyme for that matter, breaks down old root matter which becomes food for the microbes.

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Enzymes, whether it be Hygrozyme, Enzymes Komplete, or Cannazym all work to break down dead detritus in your media and convert the decomposed waste into energy for your plants. I find these products absolutely vital not only to the reintegration of depleted media, but also the cleansing of materials within the cultivation facility. If you haven’t yet tried an enzyme, I highly urge you to do so. Happy growing!


Thanks for the question @LBC-GREEN ! What has been said thus far is absolutely correct:

Hygrozyme helps beneficial microbes thrive by breaking down organic and dead root matter which in turn provides nutrients for microbes to feed on, stimulating microbial growth. Furthermore, enzymes, unlike any other catalyst, are highly substrate specific and hence do not cause undesirable effects.

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Hi @Growernick! I would encourage you to check out our “4 Questions to Ask” post here: 4 Questions to Ask Before You Invest in an Enzyme Formula.

Although there are a number of enzyme products on the market, it is essential to know if your chosen enzyme formula is what it says it is and is going to do what it promises to. Oftentimes products claim to be enzymes, but are registered as fertilizers.


This is when you need to monitor and control ORP if you have critters in your media. Many larger growers treat there water and kill all beneficials along with the nasties. But if you tightly control the ORP at a little over 7 you can have most of the best of both worlds. Much research on cannabis ribisomal community has yet to be done.

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