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Teach me! Entrepreneur looking to network šŸ¤“

Hey there, been a cannabis lover since the age of 11 and just now recognizing the beauty and growth behind the plant, just a nerd and have a need for learning more and this is the new topic and journey Iā€™m currently on. I found you guys from YouTube, decided to follow a forum to meet new friends, learn, connect and network so I can expand my business and entrepreneurship! Looking forward to meeting whoever and traveling, exploring cannabis, and living and loving life! My biggest goal is to network, find job opportunities, build opportunities for myself, and learn


Cash app: $MoneyMarc716 looking for all donations to start my first operation, with the help and investment of whoever, looking to build a new friendship, looking for opportunities and work. Internships, anything to get me in the field, in room to have the conversations to be great. If you want to be a part of this, reach out! Let me know. Iā€™m active and Iā€™m destined :nerd_face:


Hi Marc

Welcome to GN and super to hear you have seen the beauty of cannabis. This forum is a great opportunity to learn, share and grow with cannabis. I also found GN through the brilliant Canna Cribs documentaries. Chat soon.