Tell us about your super soil blend

i agree with Nick, you’re growing in the dark if you dont analyize your soil. go to a farm lab, i pay $100 a sample and it gives me everything including micros


Hi Jonw,

Any words of wisdom why we should buy your soil over making it?




There are a lot of reasons…

  1. Having to source multiple components from multiple sources and dealing with QA issues from multiple sources.
  2. Peace of mind knowing our soil is manufactured to strict SOPs.
  3. What is your time really worth?
  4. Inconsistency…no disrespect but if you are diy you will deal with consistency issues which are huge as you know.
  5. Not as labor intensive as mixing soil yourself.

It looks like SoHum is based in Denver, but when looking at your store locator, I only see one store in Colorado, down in Pueblo. Is that accurate?

I’m up in the Boulder/Longmont area and wouldn’t mind giving it a try, but not quite Road trip to Pueblo bad.


Greetings…sorry about the store locator as it has been acting up.

American Cannabis Company is the maker and distributor of SoHum. The headquarters is located in Denver and we also have offices in Arkansas. The address for the Denver office is 5690 Logan, Unit A and the phone number is 303-974-4770. Give me a call at 870-718-9221 and I can also help you out. Normally I work out of the Arkansas office but I’m in Denver this week.