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Tell us about your testing procedures

How do you gather samples for lab testing? What is your procedure for garnering samples? Are you testing extracts, flower, and/or infused products? In the case of infused products, how are you gathering samples for testing? Do you have an in-house lab or third party lab? In either case, what testing procedures do you prefer: LCMS? HPLC? UPLC? GCMS? I have to throw this last question in here for good measure: do you grow in AZ where there is no mandatory testing? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: @memberdirectory: Let’s chat about testing procedures and protocols.


Never ever tested myself, but has somebody used this device yet?


That device looks very cool! It seems there is a surge in handheld testing devices hitting the market to serve the needs of folks in cannabis production. Today’s AMA will cover that very topic as we have one of the co-creators of a similar product joining us. Tune in to learn more!


Looking into Lightlab Analyzer by Orange Photonics. Abc’s always be checking.
The accrurracy and repeatability of the device we currently looking into.
Not looking for perfection but at $3-4 per test this can be beneficial.
I thought it was 1 of the coolest things at NoCo6.
Kyle M


In addition to the actual testing, how do you feel about the level of regulation and mandatory testing your state has adopted? As @Growernick mentions, there is none in Arizona. Should there be? And who should establish benchmarks / manage the program: Federal/State governments or a growers association?


I prefer professional testing. In my experience I was under regulation and was required to send my samples to one of a pretty small set of state approved labs.

1] I would take from only the highest testing portion of the plant for official testing as those results are required on your label.

2] I did the opposite when testing to discover what I believed the oil would be of a lot when sent to a processor or negotiating with a processor [and they usually want to see lab results anyway before purchasing]. For that I took from the top of the plant, the middle of the plant, and the bottom of the plant to try to get a better general idea [and never manicured or anything that wouldn’t happen in the transaction].

3] Send the sample before you perform a long term cure [depending on your state]. The curing process contains beneficial life but that beneficial life, if not properly identified [so depending on the state and how things are done] will fail your lot [even though you can prove it is harmless and actually needed in the curing process].

4] Consider your cost of testing as part of your cost-per-gram and avoid paying the cost to test small amounts unless you have a real R&D reason to do so.

5] If you are going to test in house you might as well be professional grade about it. So I would recommend getting a good lab tech and set up Gas Chromatography and other devices, get some dishes to culture for concerns, and so on, so you can test everything in house [by everything I mean terpenes, every cannabinoid, etc]. If you are going to be purchasing from others for processing I recommend testing for pesticides and other concerns [and require that you collect the sample yourself].

6] Test your failures.

I cannot speak to the rest of your post but that is the majority of my testing experience or opinion. Now reading the results and turning them into action is the fun part :slight_smile:



Hi, I noticed that Growers House was carrying your product. Like others, it really piqued my interest. As hard as I tried, I could not find any info the the technology used by your device. Can you say what it is?




its not my device, so I don’t the answer…

But I’d like to know that, too.

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Here in Calif there are only 7 state approved labs. Hand held test instruments may be a quick way to get results, but I doubt they will ever have the accuracy of HPLC. I have always been in favor of required testing. Any product sold for human consumption MUST comply with all safety standards. I would like to see a Federal establishment of standards (FDA?) but that probably won’t happen for awhile. I believe the strict chain of custody rules, if adapted nationally, would remove all illegal weed from the market place.
If the US has the highest standards, there would be no reason to fear foreign imports. In fact I believe the Canadian market would prefer better regulated product…FWIW