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Testing by devjyarn CMH 315w - Prism/Sun Systems/Philips

I received my review and testing package in the mail today - 3 business days after confirming my mailing address and paying a couple bucks to broker the package across the border from Grower’s House headquarters in Arizona to me in central Canada. Everything was packaged nicely and arrived in great condition.

The remote ballast is chunky and simple - mount it outside the tent (the included power cord has some decent length) and plug it into your timer and it’s ready to go.
The Sun Systems reflector is light and solid. The bulb holder is mounted tight, the power cord is probably the highest quality I’ve seen on a light fixture - super thick and very flexible - and has more than enough length to accommodate mounting in any tent.
The Philips 930 Elite Agro bulb is a great full spectrum, full cycle bulb. I expect it to perform well. I did, however, notice that the external glass shield which surrounds the inner bulb is loose and has some play to it and can be felt moving. I’m not sure if this is standard for the shield on CMH bulbs. If anyone knows for sure, please chime in and let me know.

I’ve got the fixture hung over my plants in veg right now, covering about a 3’x3’ space. The fixture is happily throwing out 300 - 400 micromoles across the canopy at a distance of 24".


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