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The Answer Page

The Answer Page is a great educational resource that provides CME (continuing medical education) and has focus areas on cannabis therapeutics. They send out a daily “Question of the day” often related to cannabis, cannabinoids, and medicine. Here is today’s " Question of the day"!
Question of the Day

"THC and CBD are the most commonly occurring cannabinoids in cannabis. What distinguishes them structurally?

THC and CBD are structural isomers. They are both 21 carbon- containing phytocannabinoids and share an identical chemical formula, C21H30O2. However, the way that the atoms are arranged in the two molecules is different. There is an oxygen-containing closed ring in THC that is open in CBD. Dissolved in a solution, through a process known as ‘isomerization’ involving heat and acid, the two compounds can be interconverted chemically".


I will see this is added to the library. Great resource.

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