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The Boveda Home Grow Kit

Hello Growers! I’m adding this in “news” since the timing seems perfect for this deal with harvest right around the corner.

The Boveda Home Grow Kit is a promo with Cvault and a great time to try them out.

It comes with:

1- 2 liter Cvault (holds up to 4 oz)
1-small Cvault (holds up to 1/2 oz
14 Boveda’s (67g + 4g size)

Price is: $95.22

Check them out here:


Those C-Vaults look sleek.


They are quite sleek indeed!

I’ve always used mason jars but the Cvault has some advantages. The obvious one being they’re unbreakable but also they’re easier to work with! Struggling to get your hand in and out of the mason jar gets old fast!

They asked my opinion on the sizes of this deal and I think we offer a good selection since the one would be for storage and the other works as a great traveler.


Indeed, nice travel size and home size.