The Dank Diner

Hello !-- I’m a grower in Texas - 20 years as a surgical assistant then one day I came around a corner too fast and hit a wet spot - The fall shattered my face - budged some disc in my neck and caused a traumatic brain injury - ’ They turned me into a legal morphine junkie for most of a decade - I went thru cold turkey withdrawals and it almost killed me !-- Then I found a new way ! I make my own meds now !-- I had a big thread at another place so I’m looking forward to meeting new people – Won’t U pull up a chair and join me in the Dank Diner in the mornings for the traditional " Wake and Bake ?- and 420 ?-- I haven’t bought any seed in awhile - I’m a cloner and grow aero under LEDs -’ This ain’t my 1st grow !–


I made it back !-- With this TBI - I’m lucky to be able to walk and talk at the same time - Technology hates me!-- About my grow ?-- I run swamp water aeroponics in those big black boxes with a yellow/Orange lids – I’ve just finished helping my nephew set up a grow and I’m looking to buy me a new place back up in Big Thicket of East Texas – I grow weed and make liqour !- I grow somethings I bred myself –
Now can we get a cup of coffee and do a proper Wake and Bake ?-- I’m having something I call The WI-x-BBSL- The White times Nepal Indica then I used a Black Berry Snow Lotus male on it !-- I’m partial to the children and grandchildren of the Snow Lotus !
Edit – OK better now !- I start my day with my medicine with my coffee – I usually use cannacaps - sifted decarb packed into empty gel caps – I also do something I call “Coconut Earl”- It’s a coconut oil extraction – I decarb in the jar then top the decarb off with warm coconut oil !- Filter and use the oil for medicine !


I did my wake n bake about 40 times already, I am stuck on the coffee part, I need help


What up Cuz ?- Thanks for posting – Scooby snacks in the grow ?— I run 2 grow rooms - veg,and bloom - Got my nephew set up on a once a month shedule but I like moving something to bloom every 2 weeks - Once It’s full they start coming out bloom regularly – Saves me from getting slammed with the trimming all at once - Right now the grow is a mess - Soon as I figure out how to post pics I’ll show U !–
Cut across Canada ?-- Long ways from Texas !

Edit – I see lots of fine genetics spoken of as I get to know the site – What do I grow ?–
I don’t have seed left to anything I bought - I got most from grower friends -
Alive I got :slightly_smiling_face:
Black Berry Banana times grape
Sundae Driver times grape
Sunset Sherbert time grape
This AK Thang I bred -’ AK 48 times Black Berry Snow Lotus then a girl from that bred to a blueberry
I have head injury extremes - there’s a total of 14 girls alive and well


I am trying to revive my 15 plants, I have been, well, not good and they have been left unattended. Yes, scooby snacks is still in my grow and probably always will be, it’s a good strain.

You have some good strains there, good luck, enjoy your time here, it’s a great place


I smoked some Duct Tape [Original Glue (GG#4) x [Do-Si-Dos]

What a rush, I have to get some seeds :wink:


Hey Piper !- Nice to meet U Cuz !
I had a GG #4 - It did that fascination thing and grew like a fan - Lost it to bugs – My stuff ain’t store bought but I got da dank !- Such as
Black Star times Apricot head
Black Triangle times London Bridge
I got a triple Lemon - The grape crosses I mentioned - A nice Blueberry that U won’t find in a seed catalogue – just cleaned seed on something I did – I call it The Mudhole Pink
It’s WI-x-BBSL with a Snow Desiel times BBSL - I likes my Snow Lotus crosses

Edit – My Mimosa got a Double Purple Dojo dad

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Hey @PreyBird1 and @happilyretired

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Ok i see thankyou for the helpful pointer!