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The Great Pot Monopoly

Someone sent me this article. Probably old news here. While I am not a fan of the magazine. I did find it to be an interesting read… I wonder who these guys are… :slight_smile:

The Great Pot Monopoly Mystery


Wow, that was a great read. Thank you for sharing @URBorganic!

We as a community see the writing on the wall. It is up to us to decide what to do now. We have a choice to work together as a community to make sure farmers and every in the chain stays profitable and prospering, and I think starting in this community and getting people talking about collaboration and sharing knowledge is a start.


I completely agree with you @Seshat.

Strength In Numbers

I think some consolidation is inevitable. We just need to make sure there is a thriving craft industry like there is for beer and wine, to give people an alternative to the equivalent of drinking Coors and Budweiser.


We have seen potential in this type of ecosystem as well. It is inevitable that the big boys take over, but we have a chance to create a system of supporting local smaller growers and have them be very profitable. People like craft beer because it’s usually way fucking better then Coors, and I assume we can do something similar with cannabis. Monsanto isn’t going to be offering all the strains, just the Top 5 most popular, so it is up to us to keep variety high and of the highest standard.


Coming soon to a dispensary near you :slight_smile:


The real question is in the patents – do patents issued prior to federal legalization hold up in court?

The U.S. Government itself holds patents on cannabis products.