Thinking of a Tent?

Hope this is the right Category. Just wanted see if this can help the future tent growers.
Contemplating about using a tent?

If you’re on a budget. While saving. Study more into Cannabis. Learn what deficiencies are, study other growers set ups, best genetics to have and most important your needs for yield.

Do not rush into a purchase. The tent market is vast now and lot of low quality equipment is on the rise. Lots of tents with weak crappy zippers, pinholes in lots of the sewing areas. The main thing is how long it will last.

My first tent wasn’t crazy expensive mid price but lasted 5 years before any issues.
I’m not big into brands but read reviews. Hope this helps a few people!!!


Hi @rucifer999

Good advice. However I was chatting to a friend of mine yesterday who makes bubble bags. His business has come to a bit of a halt due to trying to improve the quality of bags so that they last longer, and now has run into an issue of pricing himself out the market. He was the first person to start making bubble bags and now competing with other local suppliers and even worse competing with cheap eastern imports.

If you want a quality tent and great after sales support and service, always purchase from


I got my gorilla grow tents here. There a few differences in twnts and the more expensive name brands are better quality by far. When you have to open a tent 2x a day the zippers can become an issue. I try and never take the zipper apart like qhen your completely ooening the front doors. I leave like a couple inches of the zipper zipped up. Because i have tripped on the tent and ripped some stiching and also frayed the the insert part of the zipper damaging it. After 4 yrs of hard nonstop usethe gorillas are superior. I even take the flood trays out and blast them with a pressure washer. And the cheap ones will start to come apart once the tray gets tiny holes in it. then the plastic liner thats bonded to the fabric tray separates and water gets in between and starts to cause issues like mold . Im looking for a better solution or a tray that fits into my nursery tent. Or i may change the room and remove the tent. Havent decided yet. I may sell the house.


Get a cheap heavy duty tarp, they make em’ with one side silver, not as reflective as the tent mylar, but still silver and they don’t cost much. Cut to size then cut a V out of each corner and use self stick velcro to join each corner together to make a fitted corner, then when it wears out, just pitch it and make a new one. Every time I water I take a shop vac and clean the floor of my tent out, vaccumn out the spilled water and any dirt and debris. I know it’s kinda anal, but keeping things clean also helps with mold bugs and the rest. It’s easy for me to do, but you have a lot bigger and vastly more complicated grow than I do.



Not gonna lie, I have used a 3x3 vivosun, and the cheapest 4x4 I could find on ebay, the vivosun had more issues than the 4x4, but both their zippers have held up nice. Nothing has peeled off of them. The only issue I’ve had is pin holes in the walls, they were there when I set up the tents, but a little foil tape will almost permanently fix that. I just haven’t seen the point of spending that much extra for a “name brand”.


Right now is a sellers market. Lots of ppl selling and moving to Texas or NM. Can get bigger properties and land. Some even have built in shop!! Perfect for a grow expansion.

Also will be selling and moving. I read into Gorilla and know for sure they’re worth. It might get one next. I understand completely about not undoing the zippers all the way. Thought I was the only one.


Yeah i tripped a few times i wont lie lol. I like the strength of the gorilla tents there my favorite. But i have a 10 x 10 hydro crunch tent and it is mediocre but works pretty good.


Have 2 Gorilla tents (3x3x7) and very happy with them, like the extra height and the extensions they come with to make them even taller if desired.


Yo Prey whats up my friend. I wanted to wish u and ur wife a very Merry Christmas and a healthy new year. Two years since near disaster how u feeling today?? Remember if u move go to a legal state it just makes life so much easier