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This didn't go well, Now what

Ok, I am wondering what would you do with this mess I made. I took a great nightingale photo and decided to try mainlining her. Things went great at first. well, ok. I know I messed up and topped this to many times in a super short period of time. I thought she would stretch out of it. But so far she isn’t.
Buried under there are 8 bud sites that are very close together. I don’t mind loosing this plant. As long as I learn from it. Which I had. Now, would you try and swipe a couple clones from this and start over. or try to grow it out. My fear is the buds will be growing pretty tightly together since it is growing so dense. it is now in the flower tent under a 3K QB next to another flowering plant. Light is a 265w. Not helping to get it to stretch I know.
So, and advise would be welcome as to how you would proceed if this was yours.
@mattybear, @myfriendis410, @macgyver_stoner, @Bogleg, @covertgrower, @hoppiefrog, @missiles
Sorry, I forget who all is over here :smile:

I went from this week 4

To this week 5

To week 6

To today


Photoperiod, then just defoliate the big fan leaves blocking light to the other bud sites.

It will grow out and stretch.

You can always take clones from the plant when you need to cut off branches you don’t want that may develop below your “manifolded/mainlined” tops.



Thanks @macgyver_stoner, I will go trim a few leaves off and see what we have hiding under there.


How long into bloom.can I trim my plants? I’m 2 weeks in and would like to trim to allow more light for more buds of course lol


@xgx13xgx, I was advised to wait till the 3rd week of flower before trimming. So that is what I have went by. it was basically so the stretch would be about finished and you would know what you had to work with, and were not trimming of potential bud sites. So For my self. I have been following that. I have trimmed a little of the top earlier though. I just did some on my Brain killer because she is filling in quick.

I took only what I though was needed to open the NG up some. I can see that she has stretched a little. Thanks.


And to show I don’t mess every thing up LOL, This is my Brain killer, 10 days after the flip and still growing :grin:


Rule of thumb is “the earlier, the better” when it comes to defoliating into flower.

But I have still taken leaves in week 5 and 6 and then stripped almost all the fan leaves off in week 8 in preparation for harvest.

I would say your fine to defoliate whatever you need @xgx13xgx but just start making it good practice from now on to try and “shape” the plant through training and defoliation in veg to the best of your ability and minimize it in flower.


You can prune anytime in veg. The plant will create new fan leaves and bud sites. I would agree with @macgyver_stoner about opening up sites that are blocked and the plant should take off. It could just be in a little shock from getting topped a bunch in a short period of time and come out of it once recovered. Don’t trash it yet brother :wink::v::bear:


Look at the BK @not2sureyet :star_struck: dang she looks awesome my WC friend :wink:

So how does the NG look since you trimmed a few more leaves?


Definitely don’t trash it, but some healthy defoliating, will get her back on track. Definitely take some clones though.


Looks like MacG got you squared away. The plant actually looks pretty happy.


I took some clones the other day but reversing from bloom to veg idk I did some trimming in the last 2 weeks of veg and they still blew up lol thx for the advise first grow is going well all things considered though


Thanks every one. I was hoping the verdict would be to keep the NG. I will keep feeding her light till she gets with the program :grin: It looks like I will be trimming a little more on the BK tonight then. I had always tried not to touch the fan leaves. Altho, When I was chopping a lot of the caramel I did. They seemed to grow back as fast as I could cut them. I may do a little under her since it is just as thick as on top.


Need some help my sour diesel isn’t taking for cloning so I’m starting from seed again last time I did they grew upside down what do I do if that happens again let it go and it will fix itself or use tweezers and flip it? Cause I think I lost my trainwreck doing that last time


If you used a rapid rooter with a cut down the side. You could open it up to see how it is doing. And it would be easy to remove her and point it in the right direction if need be. Odds are it will do just fine this time.


I used the jiffy starters


Are they composted bark like the rapid rooters?


I believe they are a peat and coco material. I’ve got some I haven’t even opened.


I think they are composted I got a pk last night

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That’s my understanding as well.