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This is my first time growing!

This is my first time growing and here’s some pics of my plants they are a week and two days now. Do they look okay!?


Looking happy and healthy. That is a great start to some decent plants.

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Congrats on your babies!!

They look healthy but very wet.

I don’t see any holes in your cups. Also they look like they are bending. What type of light are u using?

Just been watered so they look good for the picture uploaded I bet. Those babies are bending thier necks for sunlight.

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We want to hear all about your plants! What strain? Was this a week and two days from germination or plant? What are they growing in? Nutrients, light, environment! You should log all progress and create a journal! That way if you hit any speed bumps or big problems we will be here to help you get through it. The more description the better! I will definitely be following along if you log everything here :call_me_hand::grin:

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Getting stronger!


Gotta say it again. Those cups are waaaay too wet

Overwatering is the biggest mistake new growers make. U can tell by the lack of ridge in the plants leaves that they are bloated with water as well.

It’s best to let them dry out between waterings. Other than that they are looking great. Congrats again


I had just watered them, they have been drying since then though, I monitor them though of course!


Yeah water when top layer is dry is it promix?

I will post updated pics tomorrow!, they are doing so good!

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My #1 Buddha bomb
3 weeks

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My 2 favorite nickname “kush dank”

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Just noticed these little guys is this supposed to happen. Sorry if it’s a stupid question once again I’m a beginner!

Yessir, you’re all good! No such thing as a spoof stupid question - we all started somewhere, haha.

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Here’s a basic soil recipe for you to try. Good luck :sunglasses: Cannabis Soil Recipe.pdf (343.4 KB)

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They are getting so big❤️, should I transplant them now a couple days short of 3 weeks!