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This is my patent application....thoughts? Help? Ideas? Improvements?

A couple years ago I submitted this to the USPTO.

Besides the novelty applications, like being able to have a bluetooth speaker which also functioned as a seed starter…for herbs and garden starts. I really wanted this to serve as an industrial clone/seed starter.

It was my dream back then to tend to people who didn’t have a lot of time to tend to their operations, or were conflicted because burning man was just around the corner and they just sprouted some seeds. :slight_smile: One of the apparatuses called for a buoyant seed tray which would float in a reservoir and lower as water is evaporated…providing ideal moisture levels for a substantial length of time. Once a good root base started the plant would dictate its water needs.

Obviously, there are other solutions to this but I felt that by utilizing micro-porosity… Much like how Olla’s function underground… you could maintain ideal moisture for the seedling and develop enough roots to the porosity of the walls.

I doubt I will be issued this patent, I didn’t have a lot of the hard science of hydrology to put in. It was basically an idea I had. If I am issued a patent I will try to sell it to Amazon to put in there “alexa’s” to make them actually useful for something. I just wanted to try and merge tech with something useful and green at the time. I just wanted to use the forum’s wisdom and extreme intelligence to gather ideas on improvements, better science, errors I may have made… If anyone has time.

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Do you mind if I forward this to a retired senior patent office employee. He had 25 years in the Patent office we where bad boys in school.

I just don’t know enough about patent applications

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Sure thing buddy! Thank you for asking. Here is the document with pictures.
US20160235022A1.pdf (99.5 KB)

Another question I have is a simple one, that honestly as I type, I am sure I am being lazy. Can I just call to check the status?

I was gone for about a year after I submitted this, don’t have the same address, I was planning on attacking this full force, going to manufacturing, etc. but when I got back, I had a 6 month old email in my inbox about URB. I figured I would eventually just put this in our line of products after we had a good hydroponic supply network built. I was lucky enough to write a patent application and have it published, I think I could be just as lucky to figure out the manufacturing end. Any advice or suggestions however are always welcome and kind of why I posted. To see if anyone would want to, or could do anything with this idea.

Also to be featured very soon ( being produced as we speak, 4 week lead time) in the URB lineup is one of my other ideas. This was the first company and trademark I ever did

What you see here is a USA made “turkey bag” that passes a rigorous FDA 510K medical device testing. Its packaged in units of 10’s 20’s and 50’s. Just for you Ethan, where I am from during harvest, you will see raleys and safeway with pallets of Reynolds Turkey Bags on the floor.

It’s blacked out and comes with a stamped green zip tie. The green tie indicates that it is an URB bag and therefore weighs 10 grams. (there a lot of fluctuating weights in different brands of turkey bags) So when purchasing or having the need to weigh a bunch of units, it is nice to have an indicator that all the bags weigh an even 10 grams.

Basically my partner was a gangster… a real gangster. He put up half the money, it was my idea, I did all the design, trademarking, LLC, etc. When it came time to start selling…His margins were insane. He wanted $100 for 50 bags. He didn’t understand business. He saw business as strong arming people for top dollar and “if you want the best you pay for it” We never saw eye to eye on this and ultimately I walked away and apparently he sold the company. Anyways, I’m thankful that everything is coming back around and I now am doing my idea right.


I will reach out to Sam tomorrow.

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Sent it off to Sam. I get to talk to him tomorrow. He still works part time at the patent office. Trying to train the next generation.

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Whenever buddy, I don’t want to have too many irons in the fire…but I
also haven’t figured out the exact ratio of irons to the fire either. :slight_smile:

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Sam’s first look he said “Let me know a phone number where I can call you tomorrow.
Just taking a quick look, it looks pretty darn good, but we’ll talk in more detail tomorrow.”

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Your the man Ethan. Thank you…maybe I will start looking into it further now. Most likely after we get URB off the ground. While this is orientated towards the hydro supply market… I really just want the world growing more of their own “whatever” utilizing household items and space to help out with the food problem. That is why I included bluetooth stereo systems, furniture etc. etc. I think a Bose soundbar would be a lot cooler if I could start some tomatoes in it. Maybe even grow better according to this guy Sonic Bloom!!! I am sure these speaker systems have enough empty space for a little tray of water.


Right on Ethan. Keep kicking ass and helping everyone in the community
brother. I sent you my contact info. :slight_smile:


I just got off the phone with Sam he says the application is outstanding. He thinks it will be approved. Job well done.