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Tip of the day: see your badges

Badges are a fun way to get recognized for participating in the community. We have an array of built-in badges for various activities such as posting, liking, filling in your profile and more.

Each time you complete an activity that awards you a badge you’ll receive a community notification. If you want to see all the badges you’ve received so far you can do that from your profile page. Click on your avatar in the upper right and click your username to go to your profile. Once there, click on the Badges tab to see your badges:

To see all the badges available to complete, see this page:

We’ll be adding more custom badges as the beta progresses so check back to see what’s new throughout the beta.

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We have two new badges live this week: Contest Winner and Bug Finder. The Contest Winner badge is for winning a contest on the community, such as this one. The Bug Finder badge is for discovering a reporting a problem with the community platform. If you do find a bug, just PM me to report it, or email [email protected].

To see all the badges available, go to this link:

Ok a bunch of new badges in place. You should all have received a Founding member badge along with a badge indicating your profession. If anyone is missing a badge they think they should have, let me know! Here’s all the new badges and badge designs as of today:

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