To chop? or not to chop?

Do my trichomes look like they are degrading?
Did a half harvest two weeks ago
Now waiting for plant to ripen up
Check every day but not many amber.
The pictures are of the lowest buds.
Should i just cutter down or wait?

I’d wait. Still a lot of clear trichomes in those pics.

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It’s not ready yet. Maybe another week or two.

Thanks very much
I think I can hold on another two weeks

That just means itll be a less heavy which is what I look for in my girl’s

I would wait until it is 10-20% amber trikes and the rest are white and milky.


Lovely advice guys. Wait a little for better results.

“The waiting is the hardest part“

                Petty 👍
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Nah, the hard part is stopping.