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Tobacco Farmers are Turning to Hemp Cultivation

Just another sign of the times and the paradigm shift happening in the collective conscience of American farmers (and farmers the world over, for that matter!).

Thanks to PBS for this great reporting!

Looking forward to seeing these fields in AZ and the world over!!


Just heard a report that the same is happening in Washington and Oregon due to the overproduction of marijuana and the resulting market pricing pressure. With hemp being able to produce not only cbd, but numerous useful industrial and consumer products, which is why it was outlawed in the first place.

Hemp is the new gold rush!


Awesome! Thanks for sharing that link! It seems the industry evolves daily

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Hemp used to be grown by the department of Agriculture for the war effort. I saw a picture several years ago of a 15 ’ hempfield being grown where the Pentagon building currently stands.

Found it!!image


That pic is AWESOME!!! What a fantastically cool fact! Thanks for sharing!


our hero, Ole Lester Dewey.