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Track & Trace Software

Hi friends at Growers Network.

I live in Ecuador and, hopefully, in October 20th we’ll have the Regulation about Cannabis and Hemp ready (for 1% or less THC). In the draft of the regulations it is included a Track and Trace software from seeds to sale. As a small cooperative, we don’t have enough resources to a) develop, or b) buy the software. We are setting up a team to develop an open source T&T software based on open standards. We need all the help we can get. There is a github group created where you can ask for collaboration:

Sisa means “flower” in quecha.

Tomorrow thursday, Oct. 15th 16:30 hours -5GMT, we’ll have the first meeting to discuss the approach to this project.

If you are interested, please dropme a note and let’s do it!




Love it @paulcoyote, great to see your developments every step of the way. And excited to hear about your open source development project. Although not a developer myself, i have always supported the open movement. Sending you a pm regarding our last discussion. Welcome back and trust you well.

No need to reinvent the world. We have this technology already here in the USA.


If your country is not requiring a specific program. Any standard point of sale retail system will allow you to add product, add an UPC code, set location, quality available. Most of the limitations lie in with maximum products available. One of my favorite programs is mass 500 from sage enterprises. It’s a complete enterprise management solution that will provide so many options it’s quite unbelievable. The system can display product forecasting with sales trends. Assisting you with the tools to expand as needed. it allows for data exchange with customers and suppliers, other facility’s, storefronts and distribution centers.
When you are ready to establish a store front fusion rms will assist your business even further with simplified in-store traffic, catalog sales, phone orders, and Web traffic that feed each other. Helping you maximize cash-in from every “touch” and transaction. In myriad ways it helps serve customers better to increase revenue and bind loyalty

Hope this helps
Mr Drip

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Hi @TKDrip, Hi @stevio001:

Of course there are plenty of software solutions out there. But we, small enterprises and small producers don’t have enough resources to buy a commercial solution (Besides, you don’t really buy the software, only the license).
That’s why we want to build a community around an opensource software with open standards that can be used by anyone. There are a lot of ERP/CRM open source software in

I’ll check your links, thanks for your input.