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Transitioning into the legal MMJ market?

I’m currently considering transitioning into the legal cannabis grow business and am looking for any and all advice any of you may have, as I’m pretty much clueless on how to do so. Locally, here in PA, Cresco is hiring several positions, including Curing Supervisor, Grow room manager, and grow-team supervisor as well as a few other positions. Here’s the thing though, they want at least one year in the legal cannabis field, which I do not have. What I do have is over twenty years experience growing prior to mmj legalization here in Pa. I’m also planning on applying for a budtender position at a couple local dispensaries as a backup, but I’m not too worried about getting hired there. I’m more than qualified for that position. Lol.
Thanks in advance for any input you guys may have,


Companies in “new” markets always say they want legal experience, even when legal experience is virtually impossible. I would apply and show them examples of what you have done and don’t emphasize the “legality” of the situation. Also emphasize that you want to get to know and implement THEIR SOPs (standard operating procedures) in both grow and IPM (integrated pest management). This should at least get you a callback.


Be sure to have a professional resume and get your LinkedIn profile up-to-date. These national cannabis brands use recruiters, and guess where they go to hire? Not Instagram.


I dropped a resume and got hired at the end of the interview… didn’t take as it was $45/hr less… but when asked how I could have got all my experience… I laughed and said what do you want to hear… you know it’s not even legal yet so you formulate your opinion… she asked me to sit tight for a minute and had another person come over…lol… I took her to the limit of her knowledge and the next guy pressed harder…lol… when I was done with him I was told that my resume was short piled… and then he made it clear that in all likely hood I would get a all in 2 weeks because the short pile would probably have only mine it it…lol…


Thanks everyone. I’m working on doing a linked in profile now as well as updating my resume for the cannabis industry.
One other question though. Does anyone have any idea, ballpark, what I should ask for as a starting salary? (I also have a bachelors in anthropology and years of managerial experience). Thanks again everyone. :blush:

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Who doesn’t take a 45/hr job?

Honestly don’t expect much… they were offering $20cdn per hour tops I managed $22/hr (these were managerial jobs right below the green house manager and my buddy was renting the accommodation the managers frome BC were staying at doing the hiring and I played that…lol…) but I am north of $65 as a refinery team lead so the math was a simple no…lol… I was just curious… most were 15.50-1600… barely above minimum wage so the community wouldn’t get upset…


Hello Jory
I am a commercial grower in Oregon. I look for honest people who are willing to do the hard work. What most find when they come into my grow is how hard farming is. I have seen many passionate people lose the passion due to the physical demands of the work we do. I dont hire resumes I talk to people and make sure they will work well with everyone. I hope this helps a little. You can ask if I can answer I will.



I’ve been trying to get into the legal cannabis industry but it’s being watered down by corporate cannabis. I hate the fact now they offering college courses for cannabis, when they’re are still thousands of people incarcerated because they took the free time to learn about the plant. Cannabis was never offered in college when i was searching. This is another issue we face, we are being over looked as a small business.


" I have seen many passionate people lose the passion due to the physical demands of the work we do ‘’ - sounds familiar lol . They stop to be so passionate after the first day lol . Even those that are still ready to work they are just super slow , they cant adapt on big scale growing , they are used to play around one plant all day .

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I will give you advice , but dont take it wrong . I will rather have employee without experience then employee with home growing experience . Its totally two different worlds , and its very hard to work and explain to a person who has experience growing at home , i have done once that mistake and never again . Its just two different worlds , home growing is more like art , growing for pleasure and this is totally different , it is a regulated market where the regulations play a big role , its more horticulture knowledge . You can mention it but tell them that you are ready to learn .