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Triminator releases a moisture meter

To help make sure the flower is at the right moisture level for optimal trimming in their machines:

“Practically all the issues customers were having with our (dry trimming) machines came down to plant material being too wet,” says Gary Fast, Triminator’s northwest regional sales manager. “Growers didn’t have any way to test if they were ready to trim, and it’s hard to describe over the phone.”


A true moisture reading should be done by a qualified and certified testing Lab with the correct instrument. The $40 Home Depot tool is not the answer.

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Would you need that level of accuracy for estimating trimming moisture content?


To get a correct level of moisture the measurement instrument has to have a heating element in it. Growers can work with their independent labs to get a correct and validated value of moisture content.


Moisture meters are great. In addition to determining proper moisture levels for trimming, they’re helpful for making sure your test samples are in the correct moisture range before sending off.