Trimming has begun

Oh it’s Guna be a long day


I spent 120 hours last year… this year buying a Centurion…


Well I took a lunch and have had my son all day and man talk about trouble focusing

…lol… yeah I turn the tv on in the dawg house open a beer and go to town… now its trimmer time…lol…

It’s never ending bro well it feels like it


I dont really mind trimming, gives me time to sit and watch junk online, listen to music. Enjoy, give those hands a rest and enjoy the high.

I don’t not enjoy it untill it starts feeling like I’m in trim jail and it’s never ending but day 2 and I have less people helping me today so I’m hoping to finish the rest of the crop today my hands are kinda sore frm yesterday day started at like 730. Am and stood at like 9 pm and only took 1 lunch break but the bigger plants are finished not it’s time to cut down my top shelf weeds today


I find trichs and curing is better on a dry trimmed plant…but that adds a lot of time to them…lol…

I have done both but it has never had it come out any diff kuz u still have to manacure it after it’s dryed so what ever breaks off breaks off logicaly I feel less brakes off when trimmed when it’s live because its live but who knows

Peyote kritical


I just find the plant when dry trimmed still pushes trichome and flavour while drying… I did hours of wet trimming last year and wasn’t impressed with the quality… so I am going to go back to dry this season just to see if what I seen was correct… and do a part of one plant wet…


I def end up w a lil more terps when u leave leafs on

The guy that told me it was better to dry trim grows the most amazing strains of his own and markets the clones… but they go for north of $200 and people pay…only way to get the genetics…

I’m finally getting to the end of it so far we have like 24 hrs of trimming and I have 2 more big plants that are coming down

Gorilla glue #4

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Finally got everything in the dryer Weill post more of the strawberry cough TM didn’t get to show any off

How did that strawberry cough come out

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Pretty good I jus woke up so il post some pics in a lil bit

Strawberry cough

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