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Two days coco fertigating

Sup guys!

Not my first grow but still so many questions.

I water my ladies every 2days in coco coir. Heard that’s not the best option (should water daily) but my girls seem to be in pretty good shape.

Wanted to know your thoughts.



You want to allow your plants enough time to properly dry back. Keeping the plant’s roots between 50-80% saturated during veg, and 30-70% saturated during flower. Smaller, more frequent watering in veg, and larger, less frequent watering in flower is what I practice.


Have you checked your runoff numbers by chance? If your PPM is higher than say 200-400 PPM higher than your nutrient water going in, you want to increase how often you fertigate and make sure to get a good 20% - 25% runoff each nutrient application.

Remember, in 100% coco it’s almost impossible to overwater.


I’ve been growing on a large scale for 12 years. I use coco in my light depravation beds and on my indoor facilities. Depending on how many strains you’re running and size of plants will play a role in watering. If you’re hand watering it will make it a lot easier if you have many different strains and plant sizes. I would highly suggest watering daily and make sure to not have much drain off. It’s going to take you time to figure out how much each plant will need but I promise you’ll see a HUGE improvement on overall growth and yield!

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I have read that like @pomeroymc said you cant overwater cocco and I have also read on cocco for cannabis that you can benefit from high fertigation.
That being said on this new grow i have been feeding twice a day an no I’ll signs in fact they are doing great in their early life and i figured if i was gonna see a problem with the frequency when they are young I would know right away

I have one plant that has that discoloration on the leave but I thing that might be a flaw considering that last from that bag did the same thing… yes bag seeds