Two plants,same age, one of them turning yellow!

Need some advice plz
Yellow tips, and growing slow , this is day 13 , is it normal?

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Too much nutrients in the soil or water

Or to much water

Should I stop watering for a day ? Will it help , I water two times, morning and evening

I had lights that give to much heat, replaced them with LED lights by 100 volt

I don’t have a budget yet

u should only be watering twice a week at most way too much H2O

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Identify the yellow. Example how it spreads on the girls and I think it’s a very quick fix

The girls and stretching for MORE light is first 2 your not allowing the plant to self train. Ez and passive air to strengthen the cambi,stock,branches, acellular points now I’m going to get blasted for the pictures that will give your girls the tensile strength the new for LST,MST,SCT MCT TOPPING, SO I WENT OUT SIDE THE BOX AND IT HAS BE THE BEST UPGRADE IN NUTRIENTS I’VE USED SO FAR. YOUR TRAINING THE PLANT TO DO WHAT YOU WANT SO WHAT KIND OF FOOD/NUTRIENTS DO YOU USE.

I started the same way myself because of money. Now I’m here. Still tons of things I need to learn about the Training. The numbers pics look at the one that has Mycronox Mycrrhizal Inocuiant and they have a few to choose from do I read all of them and got it. It’s for Bonsa trees and when they do the LST with the coated cover over the wire. If you use the coating wire tiers and the other nut in pics you should see a good bounce back .you have a cloning setup? DIY 21 dollars and change 100%

Cut your ties with that seedling and start over. You can use way less perlite also. Learning to cut your losses with a plant that doesn’t look promising makes for a better grower. The reason being is not waisting time. Seedlings is easy to over water in large pots, also they really don’t need nutrients if grow in soil with nutrients for maybe 3 weeks. Also, when you transplant you’re transplanting into more soil with nutrients. Just be careful how you use you nutrients. I’m speaking from experience.:muscle::muscle::muscle:

It’s a different kind of grow pot with a good R&D WORK that’s just a mockup for a few people to help me invest in my farm land 125 acres but I can only use 100 aces so I can keep the 25 cow’s and 3 bulls on it it’s in zone 10 in Florida Bell Glad Google zone 10 Florida BELL GLAD MUCK. THAT’S WERE I HAVE MY LAND AT .RATED NUMBER 1 FOR FLORIDA FARMERS…

Thanks for the advice friend, should I move her to little pot ?

Will do, I water twice a day!!!

Yellow only on tips of top leaves, spreads slow, I ordered biobiz , is it possible to use at this age ? To strength the girls

I looked at the roots, they are white color

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We love nice light golden ball with thick feeder r roots and thick spider roots bright white. Y or N

I didn’t see a pic from you, yes roots are bright white, I think I have to stop watering, I have LED lights 100 v, three lamps that is 300 v , the weard thing is that the other one is healthy and happy

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Always saturate and wait until almost fully dry… Your roots won’t die if the dirty is dry… It will die it its dry for a long period of time in the heat.

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it’s a bumped post hehehe

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