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Types of data for cannabis cultivators


We are writing a series of articles for data as it relates to cannabis cultivators, and would love to get y’alls input!

Here are the high level types of data that we are thinking about:

  • Financial (i.e. profits, COGS, expenses)
  • Taxes (i.e. 280E considerations)
  • Cultivation (i.e. soil, nutrients, other inputs, yields, lab results)
  • Marketing (i.e. campaign ROI)
  • Sales (i.e. salesperson, purchase orders, products, prices)
  • Forecasting (i.e. demand or revenue)
  • Compliance (i.e. state required metrics)
  • HR / Payroll (i.e. hours worked, tasks worked, labor costs)
  • Utility (i.e. energy, gas, water)
  • Competitive landscape (i.e. market share, competitor sales, external sales demand)

A couple of quick questions for the community:

  1. Are there any other categories of data or metrics that you focus on?
  2. Where do you spend most of your time and energy?
  3. What are the top 3 metrics or reports that drive your decision making (if any)?

Looking forward to unlocking the power of data analytics for cultivators!