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Update! New Greengo led! I think They like it

I got a few Packages, the ventalation system and the new Greengo Led…and i had to run out and get a portable AC unit… got up to 99 degrees yesterday in the tent!!!


Whoa 99?! Was that with the led? What’s your outside temp? They are looking nice! Tight node spacing and bushy.

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Yesterday it got up to 96 outside… the mars hydro 600wled , and the bloomspect 1000wled did the rest…
Thanks, trying to keep em as low as possible untill the the new tent arrives, then flower begins😎


Damn! It’s barely getting to the mid 80s in central Cali and that’s too hot for me. It gets 100-110 in the summer. I’ll be keeping an eye out and watching for your grow.


Watch those temps!!! Should look into quatum boards. Nothing extra needed but good air flow!! Girls lookin sexy!! Mlm


Those look sleek!! I liiikkkeeee!!!

Well the temp dropped, and forcast looks like we be in the mid 80s for the week… but now too cold at night…i just caint win!! May need to run my lights at night

Question: Why does my TrainWreck look like its growing flat?
And then stems are purple is, does than mean I need calmeg?