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Uruguay to sell cannabis in pharmacies from July


Great to see them take a sensible approach to legalizing.


Interesting experiment!

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I’d like to see more countries following this model. Prohibition has demonstrable effects opposite to what their designers intend.

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Looks like they’re starting to sign up customers for once sales go live:

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Tomorrow sales start:

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Good news from the first country in the world to legalize.

We have been offered 1000 acres to grow Cannabis on down there by a farmer. We are looking at extractions (CBD importation to the US, ,) Hemp production…etc etc. Who knows if we will go there or not.

Which brings me to a good topic…which I don’t necessarily wish to post its own topic on yet. I think when the money is there it will be a better time to put this up as a main post.

Pretty soon we will have a lot of capital to make acquisitions, start putting in for our own cultivation licenses, expand our line, and so on.

Any master growers out there looking for a job, we would be a good option, we will need some for each of our grows and to certify partner operations as well, make sure they are in compliance with URB standardization. If you would be interested in working for us we are going to be hiring soon. Director’s of sales, distributors, master growers, extraction labs, we may even need people to go to china and negotiate on and select hydroponic equipment. The options are endless really and we haven’t completely decided what direction we will go yet… So anything that anyone here has experience or services which they feel would be valuable to us. Please get in touch.

However our biggest need right now is licensed grow operations. We would like to partner with you maybe even acquire you if it is a win win for everyone involved.

Right on for Uruguay.