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Vermont lawmakers vote to legalize recreational cannabis

Passed both the House and Senate, Governor has said that he’ll sign it into law.

Congrats Vermont!


Follow up: It’s done!


The process through which this bill passed represents a huge legislative step forward in how cannabis laws are reformed in the United States. It also demonstrates the shift in social values towards cannabis as a valuable commodity. The fact that legislators took matters into their own hands rather than wait for constituents to pass a ballot measure indicates the momentum that is happening in America. Cannabis legalization is gaining a foothold from sea to shining sea!

As an activist, this push forward by legislators to legalize recreational cannabis for adult use is a huge and momentous event. It also sends a warm message to AG Jeff Sessions that his antiquated viewpoints on cannabis belong in the past! Let’s all fire one up in celebration of the courage of the Vermont legislature…Cheers!


Late Show decided to joke about it: