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Visit to Surna's office

Nestled in the warehouse district of Boulder sits the Surna office. As I pulled into the parking lot, my first challenge was finding an open parking space. Surna currently shares a building with Wild Goose Canning, but they’re rapidly outgrowing their current space and will be expanding into the other side of the building once Wild Goose moves to their new location.

Their lobby is spacious and well appointed. @SurnaInc and Celia, who run marketing, gave me a tour of the facility. After the tour we sat down for an overview of Surna’s operation and what they have planned in 2017.

All of the R&D, manufacturing, sales, shipping, support and office work is done from this location. Surna doesn’t just provide the equipment to cool and control your grow operation climate, they also offer project management and planning expertise. Often they’re called in to fix mistakes made by general contractors who aren’t familiar with the HVAC needs of a grow operation. This year they’re planning on doing outreach to contractors who work in the cannabis industry that Surna is the first line to call for advice and support. Surna wants to “decomplicate” (a word they invented) the process of designing and building out your grow operation.

One of Surna’s biggest advantages is their focus on energy efficiency. Reducing power consumption saves grow operations a significant amount of money.

In addition to cooling and climate control, Surna also offers a biosecurity air sanitation device that uses UV light to destroy airborne pathogens. They have a scientist on staff who can help you come up with proper procedures to maintain the cleanest grow operation possible.

On top of their physical expansion, Surna has other big plans for 2017. They’re doing a redesign of their website and marketing, working with the CCIA to get ready for California’s recreational program, and going to their first international cannabis trade show in Canada.

A big thank you to Jamie and Celia for showing me around! I’m looking forward to seeing their continued success and expansion as the cannabis industry grows ever larger. Check out Surna’s blog to stay up to date on what Surna is doing next.


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