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Visiting Miles' grow operation

Last week we paid @milessadowsky a visit to check out the grow operation where he works. We pulled up to see the electric company working on improving the wiring to support their electrical needs. After stepping inside and wiping our feet, we donned our Tyvek vests so as not to bring in any pests:

First stop was the water filtration system, which was quite impressive:

Here’s the storage tank next to it:

Next stop, grow rooms. The photo colors are seriously altered by the wavelength of the lights:

The buds up close:

Second grow room:

A big thank you to Miles for showing us around and answering all our questions about their setup! Feel free to ask him questions in the comments.


Miles rocks man. Guy knows his science. I love the walk-in fume hood he has for his butane extractions.

Cool. I’ve been to Mile’s spot and he’s using a customer RO system designed by Jim G. who owns Aqua Pure Hydration, a large water company that does bottled water, commercial building RO system, and now just found a niche in helping growers out :slight_smile:



Thanks for posting more pictures @milessadowsky! What’s your dog’s name and what breed is he/she?

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I found Lucy outside of my grow op. That was her ride home after being rescued. She is a corgi heeled mix and is 1 year old. Her she is with one of my other hounds Athena.


They are both great looking dogs. I guess Lucy was meant to find you :slight_smile:

Beautiful Grow Facility. I love seeing indoor fields of green! What kind of system are you running @milessadowsky? Can you give us some details like room dimensions, wattage, grow medium etc…? Thanks for this tour, it’s so cool to see established growers and how they’re set up.


Hey Gary! Thank you. I have two rooms operating at the moment. We are moving to greenhouses in the near future so we are running 36 1000 watt gavita e series. I grow in 2 gallon pots of pure coco drain to waste. I usually run 32 plants per 4x8 tray. I top once in veg and strip the plants to one node on the main branches the day of flip. This saves me a lot of under-pruning work in flower and virtually eliminates any larfy underbuds. I spend most of my hands on time with the plants defoliating on top of the canopy, plucking any leaves that are blocking lower nodes. Some people are scared of plucking leaves but in my experience defoliation is super important especially in scrogs. One room is 1000 sq ft with 24 lights and the other is 600 sq ft with 12 lights. Let me know if you have any other questions and excited to see what you have in the works.


I’m curious, how are you going to handle that transition with your current lighting setup? Will you put your lights in storage or use them during the night time?

Miles my man holding it down, down south. Keep up the hard work and keep killing it! Love the one node flip, we live that, but are there any strains like stubby indica’s you do a 2-3 node and flip on? Found nice results with it.

Stay up and hope to see you soon. Headed to any events, expos, or conventions soon?


@milessadowsky your grow looks great, very even, full canopy. You definitely have it dialed in, great job, thanks for the glimpse into your spot. Its always fun to see other grow rooms, especially when they are doing great!


Hey @Hunter We will be using all of our gavitas in the new build out. Supplemental greenhouse lighting is actually what they were designed for. Back to their roots :slight_smile: @Alfro_EndoFarms how’s it going brother? Back healing up okay? We need to get together soon. I agree with you. On stocky shorter plants that don’t stretch too much 2 to 3 nodes is definitely the way to go. We have gotten some of our nicest canopies using that technique. I want to head to some more events but we have been so busy with wedding planning etc outside of the farm. @royarms thanks so much for the kind words. I checked out your ig and your gardens look beautiful and expansive. Can’t wait to get to know everyone that’s active on this forum and see what’s in the works.