Walgreens to begin selling CBD


Walgreens announced that it will begin carrying CBD patches, creams and sprays in it’s chain of nearly 1500 retail stores. Last week CVS announced a similar move.

What are the broader implications for our industry? No doubt CBD has gained a certain amount of acceptance in our culture, but what might this action mean for cannabis products here in the US and worldwide? @memberdirectory let’s chat about CBD at Walgreens.



Crazy times! CVS is putting it in Some of their stores here in CA. I wonder is isolate is going to be off the table soon, because of the GW patent.



I’m curious to see what the first types of cannabis products and brands to actually be on shelves at these major retailers will be. I saw Cannabolish at Bed, Bath, and Beyond a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised.



I think it’s great both CVS and Wallgreens will stock CBD and make it easier for the clientele that shops there cause to get it.
Next time I’m refilling propane and cleaning up the chocolates during a 50% sale I will see what they have.



While I love that CBD will now be available to a way bigger audience, I cringe at the thought of all the bad product out there already. Will they know to get/do testing? Will they have an industry person as an advisor for this?

I am a fan of CVS anyway for not selling tobacco products. It seems they want their brand to be seen as more healthy.

Then again, will people then become more adventurous and try gasp products with THC? :smiley:



The pharmacy I live behind is small, locally-owned. They have a big display at checkout of Imbue CBD pet and people products. Never heard of 'em, but it works on my dog.



This is interesting being that CBD was rescheduled class 1 and now a national chain can sell this product OTC. It is going to be capitalized on through Monopoly of different corporations. I could even see vegetable fruit crops being depleted due to so many people jumping on this “BANDWAGON” there will always be a place for craft and mom and pop shops but the thought of people growing cannabis or hemp to fill the shelves of drug stores is a bit much. Why take the connection people and society have with this plant away from them by bottling one more thing up. There is a lot of variables that could happen and soon. That’s why people need to talk and communicate on the reasoning behind this obstacle. Consumers and news will be the say behind how the cannabis world turns and the interest and trends will be controlled by the public data within the first 2years.



It’s my opinion, hemp will pave the way for it’s cousin cannabis. This is a good thing.