Want to grow your own mushrooms, follow Chris

Dont know if you know already, but @nick has gone on his own mission for the last two months. He has been building his own mushroom business and chatting to him the other night, it sounds exciting and looks inviting. Been pondering growing mushrooms for sometime, we eat alot and I love them. I have seen the prices jumping and thinking it will be a great addition to our garden. Well now, I dont have an excuse, Chris is running a podcast to teach one how to grow mushrooms. Lets send him some likes and love.

**22 October. **
10Pm UTTC +2
Link here for more information.



Sure wish someone would figure out the secret to Morels. They fetch a kings ransom. If you could grow them year round it would fetch you a handsom income.



Dont forget, our previous moderator and manager, @chrisD is running a mushroom growing course today on Facebook. Check it out.