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Want to keep your workers on their best behavior while also driving them insane?

Kind of a funny set of studies revealing that “Watching Eyes” motivates people towards more pro-social behaviors in general.


Here’s the earlier scientific paper on the subject:


So , the security cameras should have :eyes: on them . I’ll add that to my business plan :blush:


There was a famous study in social behavior based on blue eyes! It showed how people are manipulated to create new norms in social environment. It a paper diversity and how we are not color blind.

At work we discovered that blacks where not being promoted at the same rates as there white counterparts. We implemented a system where you could to tell anything about the person based on color or gender for internal promotions. We started to see promotions that more closely matched our diversity.

Social norms are a power tool in manipulating the work force.

The sign in the coffee rooms. “Your Mother doesn’t work here, so cleanup after yourself” the coffee rooms where cleaner.

Maybe that explains the shrines in the coffee rooms in our offices in India?