Water question

My municipal water supply literally kills my garden veggies so I use rain water for the garden and bottled for everything else including my hydro garden…has any one else experienced this and can I avoid the cost of bottled for the hydro with a good filter? BTW it’s not really so much the cost of bottled as it is being seen by nosy neighbors carrying in crazy amounts of bottled water…

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take water from the air conditioner

You can do a whole house filter system or just an r o system for the grow.


Growers house has


@lrshome1959 welcome here. @bradahhaole had a good suggestion. I only use rain water ( aka sky juice ) for my plants. Dont have access to municipal water and our borehole is very high in pH with loads of lime. Consider getting more rainwater tanks to catch as much rain water as possible. Amazing to see how plants growth increases when it rains.

We do use our borehole water for animals, the garden and some veggies. But there is a process. We have a settling tank, then filter the water through two filters, charcoal and string. We add small amounts of bleach to the water to kill off unwanted bacteria, let that settle and then use the water. Maybe consider RO solution above, it will save you money in the long run, your back after carrying so much water and keep your neighbours out your business.


Really good advice bro @chrisj


Piss in bottles and save them all ,Make your plants grow big and strong :gorilla:

I only tell people after they have eaten my lettuce what fertilizers I use. My mother has always freaked out at me urinating on my plants.

"According to this study, non-diluted urine can be used as a fertilizer in crop cultivation systems. The results show that cow manure has better outcomes when it comes to growth and that aurin had the highest uptake of nitrate, but non-diluted urine had stable results in all analyses. One alternative to only use non-diluted urine, is to combine cow manure and urine. By employing a combined system, where nutrients are recycled from both humans and animals,the nutrient cycle can be completed, and the results within agriculture will be as good as possible. With ongoing urbanization, we will gain more access to human urine and this should be seen asan asset. More urine divided toilets should be implemented in cities, so that both water-and nutrient scarcity issues could be minimized. Urine has a high level of plant fertilizing nutrients, contributesto a circular economy,reducesenvironmental pollution, and is therefore a good potential fertilizer in plant production. " Full study

Must run drunk tooo much coffee this morning and my plants need a watering. :rofl::thinking:


See … chrisJ knows what’s up !

Thanks all, much needed input.