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Waterborne pathogen control product

Good morning to all of you,
I would like to introduce our product to you… OXINE WT
As you can see from the attached data sheet, Oxine WT is a state of the art formulation designed for plant pathogen control in irrigation systems as well as all other surfaces in your growing facility:

  1. On hard surfaces; plant containers, work tables, floors, walls, via spray bottle, mister or fogger.
  2. Irrigation systems; via manual mixing or through one of our proprietary activation and delivery systems.
  3. Humidifiers/cooling wall systems; through your water system.

Oxine WT is OMRI certified organic, EPA registered, FDA approved and USDA approved.

At a range of only .25 ppm - 2 ppm Oxine WT will control waterborne pathogens in your greenhouse irrigation systems.
At a range of 50 ppm - 100 ppm Oxine can be used to flush out drip lines, remove stubborn bio-film from pipes, sterilize reusable media and propagation trays.
In empty greenhouses, after pressure washing, Oxine WT can be applied at a rate of 200 ppm - 300 ppm via trigger sprayer, misting system or fogged to disinfect floors, side walls and ceilings.

To treat irrigation water at 2 ppm cost less than a 1/2 a cent per gallon.
To mix a 1 gallon of 200 ppm solution to use for hard surface disinfectant will cost less than $1.
In most cases Oxine WT is 10 times less expensive to use compared to other similar disinfectant/sanitizer products.

Bio Cide International has decades of experience in the production of Oxine products, they have pioneered their proprietary process of manufacturing to ensure Oxine WT is the highest quality, most economical as well as being the safest to users and least corrosive to facility equipment.

KSG has the backing of Bio-Cide International’s EPA certified laboratory and staff to help with any plant production issues our customers might have.

If you have any questions concerning the use of Oxine WT in your cannabis production facility, please let me know.

Thank you,
Tom Johnston