We are New!

Hello all!

I am the National Sales Director for Gold Leaf US Distributors and would like to introduce our product. We have been working hand in hand with AP Tech Inc. out of West Chester, Ohio for the past year and a half to bring this single-step hydroponics fertilizer to the United States. Some of the benefits of this product is that it maintains optimal pH levels throughout the grow process. It eliminates chlorine and chloramine from water so you can use ANY water source. It finishes clear so there is no residue build up that clogs filters. (No heavy solids) It is a one part fertilizer and super concentrated, requiring half the amount vs competitors. It is compatible with most additives and requires only one flush at the end of the bloom cycle. If you want to learn more please visit our website at www.goldleafus.com We will be finalizing our product registrations/licensing with each state by August so check us out in the meantime and feel free to ask any questions!



Welcome to Ohio.
Iā€™m Kyle M from Key to Life Garden OH/PA.
Hope all goes well with the Registration.
OH Dept. of Ag has been pleasure to work with.