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We need a lighter moment. Warning this content may be harmful!


It’s even got its own Wikipedia page!


What we don’t know can hurt us!

It is my follow up to chlorine in closed spaces

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My next job will pay in offensive tee shirts.

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I love stuff like this. People who don’t understand chemistry always fall prey to these kinds of pranks.

My high school Biology teacher had everyone read an “instruction” book one the first day. The first instruction was “read all the following instructions before doing anything” and then followed with some really goofy instructions. The last instruction was something along the lines of “Disregard instructions 2 through XX”.

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I love the quote by Huxley about talking about evolution and a woman gets up and says the “world is held up by a turtle!” Huxley asks what holds up the turtle? The woman replied “it’s turtles all the way down”!


I’m betting that’s where the new Jon Green book title comes from!


I love that FB screenshot!

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