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We need a organic soil topic

how to make organic soil and how much admenments to add per cf and which admenments to add excuess my spelling.


There are a few living soil builders on here if your interested in following any of them :wink: just let me know and I can tag you in their threads


yes I would like to be tag being taged what will that do?


When you tag someone it is when you put the “@” symbol in front of their username and it sends you a notification that someone has mentioned your name just like @missiles :grin:

I’ll tag you into some of their threads and you’ll see :wink:


Base soil mix:

1:1:1: CSPM (Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss) : Pumice/Lava rock : Compost - Malibus B/U is an excellent choice if it is available in your area.

Amended per cuF with:

1/2 - 1 cup Neem or Karanja
1/2 - 1 cup Kelp
1/2 - 1 cup Crab/Crustacean meal
1 cup MBP (Malted Barley Powder)

1/2 cup Gypsum (nice sulphur source)
4-6 cups Basalt
6-8 cups Biochar

Small handful of worms per container In beds, lets say 4x8 for example, something like a handful per 2x2 area is more than plenty. I’ve seen quite a number of instances where a very large number of worms are started with and while there is nothing wrong with that I feel it not only detracts from the purpose but is wholly unnecessary as worms will regulate their population in containers so you risk simply a huge waste of money and worms right out the gate. IMO it is better to start with a small amount and allow your mini ecosystem to develop ‘naturally’ and soil life will find it’s own balance that is most appropriate for any given size body of soil - make sense?

Keep in mind, if you build a soil that at least somewhat resembles the recipe above, the addition of worms (or not) at the beginning will not make one iota of difference. It is in the long term where the benefit of a diverse healthy soil life, including worms, that you will see a benefit……and please please do not skimp on the humus portion of your soil mix, as my good friend Coot has said, “get your humus right, and the rest is like a pleasant drive through the countryside.” And I’m sure there’s a number of variations on that quote, some not as savory as others! LMAO!!

Here’s an example of a tried and true watering schedule (because I personally used it for years) to use from day 1 to ensure your plants are being pushed to ‘peak health’ and expressing their full ‘genetic potential.’:

Day 1 Plain water
Day 2 No watering
Day 3 MBP top-dress watered in with Aloe/Fulvic/Silica (agsil or your silica source of choice)
Day 4 No watering
Day 5 Plain water
Day 6 Neem/Kelp tea
Day 7 No watering
Day 8 Plain water
Day 9 No watering
Day 10 Coconut Water
Day 11 No watering

REPEAT - Beginning to end, no changes needed for various stages of growth, simple enough right


yes the topic needed. I treat every strain like a human. They don’t originate from the same area. I feel like seed choice is major because it has to live an work together with the soil. Soil can also be different color different texture. this is another key topic


thank you for that info. when I get where I can grow inside I hit you up again to make sure I am doing it right. I damaged my head brain. in my middle 20s my brain is not sharh as it use to be. peace


Gypsum also has great calcite;) it will buffer your ph as well! To near 6