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What are you getting your loved ones for Christmas?

I’m thinking of getting my parents a Fracture, which is a picture etched onto glass. Looks really professional.

For my fiancee… I’m not sure yet. I’ll need to think of it. My brother… he requires the most effort, because he makes plenty of money. Gifts need to be creative with him.

Those are pretty neat. I’ve seen a few at art booths at local fairs and they look great. No idea on the holiday shopping here :slight_smile:

So I went with getting my brother and his wife mighty mugs, the mugs that are incredibly difficult to knock over.

And I’m getting my parents some Fractures that I think they’ll enjoy

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I was recently turned on to this game that is by the creators of the Cyanide & Happiness comic strip:

I played it last weekend and had a blast. It’s like Cards Against Humanity but with comic strip panels that you match together to make the funniest comic strip. It’ll make a good fun gift for people who appreciate that raunchy sense of humor.


Mighty Mugs. That’s brilliant. I want some now after seeing their video. Great idea.

This sounds kinda backwards but my wife asked for some specific power tools for Christmas.
She’s been learning to chainsaw carve over the last year. She’s doing really well so far, and she hasn’t cut off anything important yet. Last year it was a dime tip chainsaw and a two inch angle grinder. Now she has three chainsaws. One more than I have!

Here’s her most recent carving


What got her into carving? Sounds like an unusual hobby to take up.

That carving is really well done! Your wife is talented for sure. I just saw some chainsaw ice sculpture carvings last weekend at a holiday market - has she thought about doing anything in that medium @garymorgan?

Well she saw a chainsaw carving event in Kenai Alaska two years ago. Some of the best chainsaw carvers in the world live in Alaska and the carvers attending were very good. One was a woman and my wife thought she was badass!At the time she was pregnant and wanted to start learning from one of the carvers right away. I talked her out of it until after she had the baby. :slight_smile:. Unfortunately we had to move for work from the Kenai Penninsula to Southeast Alaska not long after so a year went by without a chance to learn. Then one day a local guy in Petersburg who was an amateur carver posted to our community that he was going to give lessons to anyone interested. He taught her some basics and mostly showed her how to handle and maintain a chainsaw safely.I got her all the safety gear required and some chainsaws and tools and she’s been self teaching ever since. She learns techniques and how to block out from other carvers that have been sharing advice on a forum. She’s got natural ability though. I’m amazed by how good she is after only a year.

It’s kinda funny, at nights we lay in bed, and are both glued to our cell phones watching videos. I’m watching grow videos (Pot Porn), and she’s watching Carving videos (Carving Porn).


My father is a devoted Seattle Seahawks fan, so I got him a Seahawks Barware Man Crate.

Here is a picture of the glasses:

Here is a video of opening the crates:

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