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What are you looking forward to in 2019

Anything you are looking forward too?

A little birdy tells me watch out for US legalization for the end of the year.


From your mouth to however ear makes it happen. I will even give 45 the credit.


Fun thougt is. The current dictation of our regime doesnt seek re-election. Rather legalizes a few things before he leaves office. The smart idea is to make it legal. Leave office. Invest. Profit.


Trump’s agent orange cannabis. Leaves you feeling kinda dirty and used. :rofl:


I hear legislation will be introduced by end of year. Wont go into effect till 2020.

Makes me wonder if it’s worth the money I am spending to just now get started in the commercial game? My county in Cali has been moving incredibly slow.



I watch what is happening in Michigan as we legalize for Adult use. The companies that are already in the hopper with the State are going to get preferential treatment for rec. So if you are in the game it make it easier to stay in the game.

Just my 2 cents worth.



Yup, isn’t that a same.

Here in Cali cannabis has only been legal for a year now. They left it up to municipalities to choose their own pace. My conservative town took their sweet ass time, however they have offered me anything I want. I am planning out an acre greenhouse with manufacturing and I already own one dispensary on the hunt for number 2. Just not sure its enough, quick enough, before the feds turns thing federally legal.

Timeline IMO:

Legislation will be written and introduced by mid 2019, goes into effect 2020.

World war or economic crash, and cannabis legalization once again takes a back seat.

For me, it’s a 50/50 shot right now, and every day I lean closer to the latter.


Im here in Cali. Los Angeles specifically. LA county did just that. 85% of municipalities here dont allow it. There are zero County or State licenses available for small cultivators. Here we were offered a three tier license system. Small, Med, Large. Except for actually having any for people to buy. To top that. IF you could get one. The fees, taxs, and other costs bury you before first turn. The seed to sale law here is a good idea. Dont get me wrong. However me as a grower. I have to pay I think $9.25 per oz I introduce to the market. This is paid in tax to I guess the State California Cannabis somehing or other. While it might not seem like much. The numbers add up on my end. Staying Outlaw is still the only way I can survive. Hell flowers dont even make money. My bread comes from Genetics. Flower is my meds.
Yes fully nationwide rec 2020.