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What are your favorite books?

What are your favorite books in the following categories. If you hunt through my post you will see mine. But, I really want to see what you like and the why. I want to read what you are reading so I can better help the members of the community.

  1. Generals Horticulture book.

  2. Favorite cannabis book.

  3. Favorite plant nutrition book.

  4. Favorite soil science book or favorite soilless book. Or favorite on Hydroponics all these choices should me general horticulture.

  5. favorite book on IPM

  6. If you are organic which is your favorite organic production book.

  7. Favorite book on propagation.

  8. For leisure what do you read.


Hi Ethan,

I highly recommend the following book if you want to understand the basics about modern horticulture research on lighting:




I will add it to my reference library.


My favorite in soilless production is A C Bunt, Modern Potting Composts.

The book is just a good read, British horticulturalist just write better than most of there American counterparts.

The formulas are sound and the reference are excellent.

Also any book by Allen Armitage is just good.