What construction type are you considering to expand your facility – wood frame or steel frame?

Wood Post frame offers the best value now and in the future.

* A level building site is all that is required to start construction of your Cleary building.
* Material: Cleary building incorporates a simplified building geometry with a minimum of materials used to put a given clearspan volume of building under cover.
* Insulation: Your Cleary building provides an opportunity to fill 8’ wide wall cavities with 6” fiberglass batt insulation and the attic area allows space for 14” of insulation.
* Design Flexibility: Your Cleary building can allow for roof pitches from 3/12 to 8/12 designs, giving you the ability to match your existing building.
* Reuse and Adaptability: Any homeowner can renovate or remodel their Cleary building with ease using common hand tools.
  • Discover the Cleary Advantage for your next construction project.

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