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What do you think about RainScience mesh pots?

Whatever. I got an email with a discount code.

I really like them. But I like a lotta weird stuff.

So if you wanted them, here’s a coupon.


I dont use any pots like that anymore. I only use grow sacks. Yep i grow in plastic bags!


Actually, after a lot of tries, trials, and errors, they’re the only pots I use anymore. Personally I think they’re the best on the market right now, and I’ve tried damn near them all, lol.


If I’m growing SOG I use 6x6x12 white/black poly grow bags, with some extra air holes I add with my old paper punch, lol, but when I grow SCROW I always use 10gal RainScience white mesh pots with brass grommets for ty-downs and dual trellises (a 3” on bottom with a [email protected] on top at 12” spacing between each.


I’m abandoning this thread and trying to connect it with my newly consolidated Last Clone thread (and I’ll never have multiple threads again).