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What does THC do for a cannabis plant?

THC or Tetrahydrocannabiniods is actually a defense mechanism for the plant against bugs, cold, heat Ect. If you learn to use all of these together this is how you learn to get a higher THC account. There are all kinds of thing you can use such as chisitin, if I’m spelling that correctly. UVA lights, ( I would NOT RECOMMEND reptilian bulbs for they don’t works as good as metal halides. One I would recommend is the hortilux blue or another blue color just like that.

Optimal environment is the backbone of thc. As long as your temps and humidity stay within the plants optimal growing conditions, then that alone should maximize the amount of THC a plant produces.


Yah it does. But I just find it more useful to stress the plant just enough so it thinks winter is coming.

This experiment with ice baths isn’t proven(I’m not knocking it). I’m just saying that until you have your environment dialed in perfect, then trying these things seems pointless in a sense.

No I agree with you 100% you are right that’s what I’m still trying to master. Because I’m only an advanced grower not a master yet. that will take quite sometime. I’m trying to become a pro grower and that’s my next step I would like to see your grow pics as well. I’m always interested in learning new methods from different growers🙂

This was last grow. I keep a journal on here

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:+1: looks fantastic I’ll have to show some of mine. To be honest I only grew outdoor this time. Getting to expensive indoors.