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What else do you grow in your garden?

There are plenty of people that I’ve heard prune their cabbage. I’ve never seen the need. But another lil tip if your market is accepting. If you take them while good, some places call them spring greens and sell them. They are pretty tasty :grin:


Our market is very basic here, spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, corn, pineapples, weed in that order. One does not try new things around here, unless you willing to travel to bigger markets in the cities. Thats about it. Just to let you know on Thursday, a small South African rural farmer ( me ) and a Zimbabwean entrepreneur ( tunnel owner ) are going through the beautiful pictures you share on here of your crops. I was telling him how beautiful your veggies and fruits look and you sell to local markets in the USA and sure you had the answer.


Much appreciated for the thought. I’m just a small farmer to though and I do grow cabbage, spring and fall.
Turning over alot of beds now getting ready to plant for a fall harvest. Busy busy busy and in a heat wave. Killing this ole man. But I’m also envious of you. If I could.sell weed at the local market id think I died and went to heaven.


Great thread


A couple apologies in order from my side @Slym3r and @Olcoot . Sorry I been offline for several days on a little mission. I had a guest stay over for 1 night that lead to 4 nights of talking, strategizing, smoking, walking, drinking, laughing eating. Simon Strainhunters popped past with a drone and we had a blast in my neck of the woods. Damn it was a responsible party. Here are a couple of images from the drone ,battling to upload, edit the drone footage. I need a drone, damn cool piece of technology. Here is a picture of the bigger picture.


Swiss chard, garlic and tomatoes have been excellent, benefits of similar horticulture.


The colours of the two bigger tomatoes, can just imagine what they taste like. So what you making for dinner tonight?

Just uploaded the completed drone video of our homestead. It was taken about 4 days ago and goes over most of our farm. Love seeing our pigs free ranging in the bush!!! The song is recorded by my neighbor and was originally by Still Corners, and is called The Message. I liked his version of the original.


Awesome! Looks like you have yourself a little slice of heaven out there.

I just got a drone also…… still learning to fly it. I’m really impressed with how stable the footage is on your video. They’re pretty cool toys tho :+1:t4: I’ll post a video when I have a good one to show.



You could alway build a drone there cheaper that way. And fun to build.

I wrap my frames and parts in carbon fiber vinyl. Before i build it.

I like to hand build all my drones and hand pick my components for what im building my drone to do.

This is my largest drone with 12" props. I use this for high altitude and video because its more stable than my racing drone.


. I’m really impressed with how stable the footage is on your video. They’re pretty cool toys tho :+1:t4: I’ll post a video when I have a good one to show.

It was a very windy day. I was amazed with the clarity of the picture to. I could identify two guys from one of the pictures taken. The drone flyer told me someone was sitting outside my gate, should he investigate, I said of course. It was the local plumber making a call from the side of the road and I could identify him.

@preybird1 , we need you here. The drone owner has two “Maverick” broken drones that he wants to give me to repair. Not to sure the damage, but he says not serious. The done he was using is DJI mini 2. I cant wait until thermal becomes more affordable, farm security solved. I am sold on drones now.


I got parts and can help. When you get time DM me. I make complete drones. And i have spare frames and parts and sources for extra components.


Is there anything you dont do!!! Love it, and thank you.


i was wondering that too! how the hell do you fit all this in a day?


Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

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Welcome to the forum and community! @jazminchav

Heres some of this years ending harvest. Loads more potatoes to dig up.


I dont have much in my garden since a month ago my sister and I harvested several pots of tomatoes. :slight_smile:


Team Succulents here! !


Welcome to GN @jazminchav

What a nice harvest @preybird1, nothing better than homegrown.

We about to harvest our first cabbage crop, will post some updates soon.


a box that they use to ship stuff on ship or heavy duty i belive they will work also .