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What is everyone doing to stay off grid?

Are you concerned with your carbon footprint? Are you being limited in your electric usage? Anyone using diesel generators?

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Sorry no I don’t worry about my carbon foot print… I run my lights in off peak hours etc and I mostly grow everything I need in the out door season… and run my tent to clone and veg and prep for the next outdoor… I do use home made LEDs to save power and heat… that’s about it… I always buy local when I can but that isn’t nearly as possible as I would like…

Something is better than nothing, you do make a difference

Almost off the grid. I only get serviced with electricity, which is intermittent at times. The rest of the services from water ( borehole and rain ), sewage, waste, is worked by myself. The weather is good here, so I grow outdoors only and have a little vegging box to keep mothers or produce clones. I would like to upgrade the CFL’s to LED’s and run it off a small solar system. Just need cash flow, I am sure my carbon footprint is small, so dont really worry about it and recycling, upcylcing and using all your resources is a way of life here. So one just cant get away from it.

Thanks Chris, seems you are doing your part. They are many systems for small operations including wind turbines for electric. I’ll keep you in mind as I see interesting systems, that are reasonable.

We can help on the PPE side of things - disposables are often a necessary evil, but we have a lot of solutions in sustainability you might be interested in. SUSA_Eco-friendlyMFG.pdf (2.7 MB)

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Awseome @sempermedusa

I wish the options were more cost effective. I live in metro LA CA my electric in high tier 3. Super expensive as is everything here. The only real options are don’t grow. Or off peak. Solar is a joke even though I have sun 300+ days a year. The cost of a set up and the look of it is horrid. Diesel pass. Generator pass. Again CA. The options for Metro growers is super limited
I’ve been working on this very topic for a while now. To show the viability of growing in metro on electric. And coming out on top. This means growing on a budget. Easier said than done. I’d love to hear some thoughts. But consider. I’ve been growing 30+ years in every type of setting. The answer IMHO doesn’t exist yet.


@MK3_Pharms we have a solution, but not for the individual grower. What is your kW usage? I will ask our engineers to see if they can scale down our product so it makes sense. Right now we have units for 50kW and better.

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Well my industry facility was massive just lights made up 100kw. Not to mention all the other stuff.
But my point was trying to work around for the inner city guys who grow smaller scale trying to save a dime. City power costs are crazy. And the options we a provided just are viable. Either financially or because it is a visible sign of something going on. Remember a lot of cats now a days are growing right out of the house. What’s a generator gonna look like running all night in a neighborhood or a huge solar array. So when we really look into this matter the choice gets real slim real quick. Or it gets real costly even faster. IDK just some thoughts I’ve been working through


Thanks for that info, I’ll talk to me peeps. We can help on a commercial scale for sure, we even have a zero cost to business program.

No trouble. I’m not even working that project any longer.
That’s where my references to metro small growing came in. Trying to find better options for the little guys. They are the one who need this type of tech.

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