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What is this?

I haven’t put great care into this but just curious what it is for future reference.

Moringa Tree in too small of a container, coco, gh nutes


To much sitting in nutes and it’s killing the roots. So it’s dying.


Would concur with @Slym3r, wet, high EC conditions (high ppms) are killing that plant !

Those random necrotic (dead) lesions on your plant are occuriring because the intracellular osmotic pressures are actually pulling fluids OUT of the cells and killing the tissue !

If you want to save that plant remove it from the pot, carefully rinse the roots off, and repot it in fresh, unfertilized coco and fertilize after recovery very sparingly…remember you are dealing with a TREE which is much slower growing than any annual plants…(cannabis, vegtables , ornamentals)…



I can understand the high ec, and osmotic situation, but it was my understanding that coco should be kept wet. I don’t care much for these, didn’t even put perlite in the coco, but would overwatering be an issue for this case?


That doesn’t look like marijuana looks more like a house plant. No fan leafs

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That’s right, I’m not a fan of going to prison so…

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chaos, yes…again remember this is a TREE, with it being the size it is, I would think you want it to dry out completely… weak nutrients applied maybe every couple months and just periodic watering in between.

Always try and proportion watering and nutrients based on the PLANT"S rate of growth…

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Thanks for the info, I have flushed the coco so we’ll see if that’s good enough.


Your safe here. Just never interact with folks your not to sure about. Always hit us up and we will check into folks. We got your back.


There’s a medium of dry wet. Gotta find the middle.

I do it via weight.

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